Available to Coach:

Basic Skills, Freestyle, Moves In The Field, Pairs, Off –Ice Training, Hockey Power Skating and Edge Work, Hockey Speed and Agility

Contact Email: GFPilla@hotmail.com

Personal Skating Background:

45+ Years skating experience

Gold USFS Pairs Test  -7th USFS Figure Test  -Pre-Gold Dance Test

1971-1973– U.S. World Team member

1972– St. Gervais Grande Prix Pairs Gold Medalist

1973– U.S. National Senior Pairs Silver Medalist

1976– World Professional Pair Championship Bronze Medalist

1976– Olympic Team Alternate

Coaching Background:

40+ Years Coaching Experience

30+ Year member of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI)

45+ Year member of United States Figure Skating (USFS)

35+ Year member of the Professional Skaters Association

Master Rated in Pairs, Senior Rated in Freestyle

Registered & Certified Off-Ice Professional

Skaters have competed in two Junior Nationals

Skaters have passed Senior Freestyle & Moves In The Field Tests

Personal Background:

Rutgers University—Bachelors Degree

Attend regular PSA Seminars and Doug Leigh seminars

Fitness Instructor at Warren Racquetball Club

Coaching Philosophy: My goal is to develop a beginner through to a champion at their personal best. I always strive to encourage my students to keep alive their passion for skating!