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Ducks Lead EJEPL All Stars Picks

Ducks Lead EJEPL All Stars Picks
Somerset, NJ: The EJEPL released the 2019-2020 All Star Team for the Diamond divisions ( and the Protec Ducks have the most selections at the U12 and U14 levels.  The Peewee AA team finished 2nd in the NJYHL and EJEPL and had 5 U12 All Stars selected.  Drew Larsen (D), Deryk Jones (F), and Sean Fagan (F) earned their second selection (U10, U12) while Alan Litovsky (F) and Max Reyzin (G) earned their first selection to the EJEPL All Star team.  The five selections are the most of any team at the U12 level.  Defenseman Drew Larsen said, “I’m a Duck and always have been, so being selected to the All Star team twice is a real honor.”
The Bantam AA National team had 8 players selected to the EJEPL All Star team at the U14 level.  Led by four time EJEPL All Star Zachary Alvin (U12, U12, U13, U14), the Ducks earned 40% of the All Star roster with their top 10 national ranking in My Hockey Rankings.  Elian Estulin also earned his 2nd All Star appearance (U12, U14) by leading the Protec Ducks on offense while goaltender Joe Auletti made his second appearance as well (U12, U14).  All Stars making their first appearance are Jamie Zimmerman  (F), team captain Ryan Levesque (F), Alex Payne (D), John Eager (D), and Joe Cusumano (D).  Zachary Alvin remarked, “This was a special team in many ways and I’m glad so many Ducks players made the team.  Levesque was a great role model and leader this season.  Coach Barry was awesome, tough when he needed to be.”
Due to COVID-19, the EJEPL All Star team will not play in the STX Showdown in Marlboro, MA in May.
2017-2018 EJEPL All Stars- Zachary Alvin, Elian Estulin, Joe Auletti
 2018-2019 EJEPL All Star (U13) Zachary Alvin