Schools Out Shootout 2018 Live Score Updates

/Schools Out Shootout 2018 Live Score Updates
Schools Out Shootout 2018 Live Score Updates 2018-06-24T14:23:12+00:00

Welcome to your Schools Out Shootout Schedule for Week 3 (Midget Levels)

This page will be updated with scores periodically throughout each tournament day.  As the tournament rolls on and teams begin to place, elimination game match-ups will be filled in as well.  Have an awesome time, and GOOD LUCK!

U16 MIDGET Time Home Away Winner Score Home Points Away Points
Friday, June 22 6:30 PM Protec Predators NJ Penguins Predators 2-0 Predators: 3.5 Penguins: 0.5
Friday, June 22 8:50 PM Flyers Youth Spyder Selects Spyder 1-0 Flyers: 0.5 Spyder: 3.5
Saturday, June 23 11:55 PM Flyers Youth NJ Penguins Penguins 7-0 Flyers: 0 Penguins: 4
Saturday, June 23 2:15 PM NJ Penguins Spyder Selects Spyder 2-0 Penguins: 0 Spyder: 4
Saturday, June 23 3:25 PM Flyers Youth Protec Predators Predators 6-1 Flyers: 0 Predators: 4
Saturday, June 23 5:45 PM Protec Predators Spyder Selects Spyder 5-3 Predators: 1 Spyder: 3
Sunday, June 24 1:45 PM #1 Spyder Selects #4 Flyers Youth Semi-Final
Sunday, June 24 2:55 PM #2 Protec Predators #3 NJ Penguins Semi-Final
Sunday, June 24 4:30 PM Championship
U18 MIDGET Time Home Away Winner Score Home Points Away Points
Friday, June 22 7:40 PM Mooseheads Eagles Eagles 3-0 Mooseheads: .5 Eagles: 3.5
Saturday, June 23 10:45 AM LI Legion Eagles Eagles 4-0 LI Legion: 0 Eagles: 4
Saturday, June 23 1:05 PM GNY Stars Mooseheads GNY Stars 5-3 GNY Stars: 3.5 Mooseheads: 0.5
Saturday, June 23 4:35 PM LI Legion Mooseheads Mooseheads 7-1 LI Legion:0 Mooseheads: 4
Saturday, June 23 6:55 PM LI Legion GNY Stars Forfeit LI Legion: 0 GNY Stars: 4
Sunday, June 24 12:00 PM GNY Stars Eagles GNY Stars 11-2 Championship

Congratulations to our Week 1 Champions and Runners Up!

Mite Champions: VSK Wings!

Mite Runner Up: Predators Black

Squirt AA Champions: Predators Gold!

Squirt AA Runner Up: Spyder Selects

Squirt A Champions: Surge!

Squirt A Runner Up: LI Arrows

Squirt B Champions:

Squirt B Runner Up:

Congratulations to our Week 2 Champions and Runners Up!

Peewee AA Champions: Predators Gold!

Peewee AA Runner Up: Skylands Selects

Peewee A Champions: Predators Navy!

Peewee A Runner Up: VSK

Peewee B Champions: Spyder Selects!

Peewee B Runner Up: Skylands Selects

Bantam AA Champions: NJ Avalanche!

Bantam AA Runner Up: Predators Gold

Bantam A Champions: Surge Hockey!

Bantam A Runner Up: Skylands Selects