When does the program meet and for how long?
The Protec Hockey Academy takes place every Saturday and Sunday afternoons, between 2:15p and 4:30p. Each ‘semester’ is ten (10) weeks long.

What is the difference between Saturday and Sunday sessions?
On Saturdays, participants have their class/practice. They are split into groups based on where each child is at developmentally. On Sundays, participants have the opportunity to utilize their recently-obtained skill set, and participate in a controlled scrimmage. These ‘mini games’ include refs, jerseys, scoreboard, and expose participants to game play. The Sunday element of the program is based upon participant age.

How long is each on-ice practice and game?
Both the Saturday and Sunday elements last one (1) hour on-ice.

How do I know what class my child is suited for?
Before every ‘semester’, there is an on-ice evaluation for all new participants. Here, we can gauge which level they are best suited for.

What are the prerequisites for entering the program?
Before entering the Protec Hockey Academy, we ask that all participants have completed the equivalent of ‘level 3’ in a structured learn-to-skate program.

What age range do all the participants fall in?
The program consists of children between the ages of four (4) and twelve (12).

What equipment is required?
Full equipment is required; helmet w/ cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, protective cup, hockey pants, shin guards, ice hockey skates, hockey stick.

How do I track my child’s development?
Throughout the program, both coaches and program administrators remain interactive with both parents and children. Upon the completion of each ‘semester’, a detailed progress report is issued, identifying areas of both success and needed improvement.

For more information contact Lauren Botnick at 5-Star@protecponds.com, or Jarrett Gold at hockeydirector@protecponds.com!