Protec U is your one stop for weekly or special holiday hockey clinics!

Are U ready? Protec U Clinics are simply the best hockey instructional clinics in Central NJ. We offer year-long clinics addressing a wide variety of skill sets to help you elevate your hockey game to the next level!  Our Elite Protec coaching staff run these clinics, occasionally alongside some pretty big name Pro Hockey instructors! No matter what your age or skill level, we have exactly what you need. Our clinics are set up as such where like-skilled players can be grouped together to ensure the best possible learning experience. Competitively priced, fun and safe…come see the difference at Protec. Check out what we have to offer below:

Register Here for our upcoming Fall Holiday Clinics! Are you off from school Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? You’ve got to be at Protec for our AMAZING Clinics! Let Elite Ducks Coach, Coach Ray up your game in our Blades of Steel Clinic Sept 30th, and then come back for more “Fire on Ice” Oct. 9th where Coach Ray works out with a NY Rangers Alumni! WOW! Best Clinics in Central NJ!

Who says hockey has to stop in summer? Hone your hockey skills all summer long at Protec with our new SUMMER SKILLZ SERIES! 

Run by our elite Protec coaching staff, coaches will be announced the week of clinic and chosen based on skill set and specialty to offer you the BEST learning experience around.


Platinum Package– All clinics  $399 ($18/clinic), 3 free stick times

Gold Package–  12 clinics for $299($24/clinic)

Silver Package– 6 clinics $169 ($28/clinic)

Individual Clinics- $37

Clinic Schedule:







Body Contact & Puck Battles Tuesday 6/18 6:30 – 7:45pm Pond B Hilary
Pure Stickhandling Wednesday 6/19 7:10 – 8:25pm Ponds B Ian Anderson -University of Delaware
Pond C Terry Watt
Intermediate Shooting & Stickhandling Monday 6/24 6:10 – 7:25pm NHL Tony Bucci
Wrist Shots and Backhands (M/S) Wednesday 6/26 5:45 – 7:00pm C Craig Jennings
Wrist Shots and Backhands (P/B) Wednesday 6/26 7:10 – 8:25pm C Tony Bucci
Centers- Faceoff Strategy Tuesday 7/2 6:00 – 7:15pm C Hilary O’Keeffe
Total Defenseman Training (S/P/B) Tuesday 7/2 7:25 – 8:40pm C Fritz Brown
Slapshots and Snapshots Wednesday 7/3 6:20 – 7:35pm NHL Fritz Brown
Powerskating & Puck Battles Monday 7/8 6:20 – 7:35pm NHL Chris Terzulli
Edges and Balance Wednesday 7/10 6:10 – 7:25pm Pond B Steve Osvald
Pond C Ray Vallejo
Backwards Blitz! Perfecting Backwards Skating Monday 7/15 6:20 – 7:35pm NHL Terry Watt
 Stickhandling and Shooting Wednesday 7/17 6:10 – 7:25pm Pond B Terry Watt
Pond C Craig Jennings
Slapshots, Snapshots & Advanced Wrist Shots Monday 7/22 6:00 – 7:15pm Ponds B&C
Passing and Shooting Wednesday 7/24 6:10 – 7:25pm Pond B Craig Jennings
Backwards Strides & Technique Monday 7/29 6:00 – 7:15pm Pond B Ray Vallejo
7/29 6:00 – 7:15PM Pond C Terry Watt
Offensive Scoring Strategy Tuesday 7/30 6:05 – 7:20pm NHL Fritz Brown
Powerskating & Puck Battles Tuesday 8/6 6:20 – 7:35pm NHL Richie Santangelo
Small Area Games Wednesday 8/7 6:10 – 7:25pm Pond B Richie Santangelo
Pond C Barry Lupovich
Stickhandling and Shooting Wednesday 8/14 6:10 – 7:25pm Pond B Don Migliorsi
Fritz Brown
Total Defenseman Training Wednesday 8/14 7:35 – 8:50pm Pond B Craig Jennings
Terry Watt
Small Area Games Monday 8/19 6:00 – 7:15pm B Noah Antonoff
Small Area Games (P/B) Monday 8/19 7:25 – 8:40pm B Don Migliorsi
Advanced Shooting Techniques (M/S) Wednesday 8/21 6:10 – 7:25pm B Noah Antonoff
Advanced Shooting Techniques (P/B) Wednesday 8/21 7:35 – 8:50pm B
Offensive scoring Stategies (M/S) Monday 8/26 6:00 – 7:15pm B Craig Jennings
Offensive scoring Stategies (P/B) Monday 8/26 7:25 – 8:40pm B Craig Jennings
Attacking the Net (M/S) Wednesday 8/28 6:10 – 7:25pm B
Attacking the Net (P/B) Wednesday 8/28 7:35 – 8:50pm B

Superskillz Clinics

Superskillz ice hockey clinics exclusively at Protec Ponds Ice Center in Somerset, NJ!  Our affordable Friday night hockey clinics give participants the extra boost they need to help improve throughout the season.  Clinics are separated into two age groups (Mite/Squirt & PW/Bantam), and as always, clinics will touch on all the major skills: skating, passing, and shooting. These clinics are coached by our Elite Ducks Coaching staff and are the perfect way to get that extra practice in every week!

Fridays during the Fall/Winter Hockey Season:

Mites/Squirts FALL TIMES (Sept 6th – Nov 1st)- 6:00 – 7:00 PM

PWs/Bantams FALL TIMES (Sept 6th – Nov 1st)- 7:10 – 8:10 PM

Mites/Squirts WINTER TIMES (Nov 8th – April 17th)- 6:10 – 7:10 PM

PWs/Bantams WINTER  TIMES (Nov 8th – April 17th)- 7:20 – 8:20 PM

Price: $25/clinic


Goalie Clinics with Dan Gould

This Summer only at Protec!

PRICE: All 4 sessions for $150 ($38 a session versus $50!)

$50 individual

Currently scheduled clinics:

6/19—5:45pm Rink C

7/10—6:20pm NHL Rink

7/23—5:50pm NHL Rink

7/31—6:20pm NHL Rink

**’19-20 Duck Discount: 10% OFF

To register for any of our clinics, use the Register link below.  Current 2018-19 Ducks will receive a 10% off discount on all individual in-house clinics through the end of the 2018-19 season.  Discounts may not apply to already discounted package offerings.  After you make a payment on our online registration website, we will then apply the discount on our side before fully processing your payment.   Absolutely no refunds.  If you have any issues, please contact

Register Today!

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If you would prefer to sign up over the phone or in person, you are more than welcome to do so.  Give us a call at 732-868-9181 or visit our front desk!  There are no refunds for these clinics.  If you have any questions pertaining to our School Holiday clinics, please contact


Body Contact and Checking Clinics

Sunday Nights during the months of March & April  2019.

Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Cost – $30

Instructed by Terry Watt, Ray Vallejo or other talented members of Protec’s Coaching Staff.

Meet the Coaches:

Coach Terry Watt

Coach Terry has over 28 years of hockey experience around the world. He played Juniors Tier I in Canada and USA, and college hockey at Buffalo State. Terry played hockey professionally for 8 years on 14 different teams on 4 continents, and won 3 professional Championships. With over 13 years of experience teaching power skating & hockey skills for top hockey schools In both Canada and USA, the Predators are very lucky to have Coach Terry working with us! When asked what his approach to the season would be, Coach had this to say, “My goal is to help build a solid winning team, but I also want us to focus on character by teaching my players the importance of hard work, and a team-first attitude. This way, everyone gets involved and can achieve their goals during and after hockey.” Coach Terry Watt will also be leading Predators Gold U18 and Predators Peewee Gold this Spring

Coach Ray Vallejo

Coach Vallejo spent his youth hockey days with Comcast AAA (now Virtua) and was part of the University of Maine club hockey team. Ray coaches the Mite A and Peewee AA teams for the Protec Ducks. Under his guidance, the Peewee AA team won the Maryland Regional Silversticks Championship and earned a birth to Silversticks Internationals in Port Huron, Michigan. Coach Vallejo remarked, ” I’m looking forward to the spring and working with new players, and of course meeting new families. Coaching is so rewarding for me, and I truly enjoy watching the players make significant progress.” This Spring Coach Ray will be handling Protec Predaors Squirt Navy team as well as Bantam Navy.

Coach Don has been with Protec since 2017, working with youth development including Clinics, Jr Rangers, the 2018 Predators, and The Ducks. As a player, Coach Don was a part of the  Washington Township (HollyDell) High School ice hockey club 1995-96,  and the 1996-97 Varsity team. As for his coaching career, Coach Don had a tremendous season with the 2018 Protec Predators, earning the rink the 2018 Squirt group B Championship as well leading his team to be the Squirt Summer Sizzler Tournament Champions!  As well as Predators, Coach Don has also been the Protec Ducks 2017-2018 PW B Assistant Coach, 2018-2019 PW B Head Coach and 2018-2019 PW AA Assistant Coach EJEPL Silver Sticks Champions. Most notable achievements this season for Coach Don has been the Steel City Tournament silver medalist! Coach Don says, “I pride myself on a strong player performance building program. Leadership, Power Skating, Agility, Vision, and Skill training are all part of the program I set for each player and I’m looking forward to bringing that to my Spring Predators team.”

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