Protec Ponds Training Center

Covid Protection Policy and Procedures

Protec Ponds COVID Guidelines and Procedures for Reopening

Building Cleaning and Policies 

  • All Protec Staff members will be wearing masks
  • We ask that anyone entering the building wear a mask or face covering while they are inside. Children need to be wearing their mask as they enter the building and can remove it and store it in their bag as they are set to get on the ice. Masks need to remain on any time children are not on the ice.
  • Masks may be removed to eat in the concessions area but will need to be put back on after eating and moving to other areas of the building.
  • Coaches will be wearing masks or face coverings and will be provided with information on how to safely interact with skaters
  • Protec has purchased non-contact thermometers to conduct temperature checks as participants enter the building. This practice will continue through the summer as we monitor the situation and be re-evaluated as we move into the fall.
  • Please do your best to stay on whatever side of the building your ice session is on
  • We ask that you wait in the car for your child’s ice session to be over to limit the amount of people in the building. If you do come inside please adhere to social distancing guidelines and avoid congregating in groups
  • We have purchased CDC recommended cleaning supplies and are following all necessary steps to make sure this is a clean and safe environment for everyone. This includes locker rooms, bathrooms, and benches.
  • Signage encouraging proper handwashing is posted in locker rooms and bathrooms. Sanitizing stations have been set up around the building- including between locker rooms.
  • An emergency contact form will be sent to you by one of our program directors to ensure we have the most up to date contact information for each family.
  • An updated Protec waiver will also be sent to each family and needs to be completed and sent in before participants are able to participate in a program.

Entering & Exiting

  • Everyone entering the building needs to be wearing a mask- children coming in for practice/skating sessions will need to enter the building with their mask on and may take it off as they prepare to get on the ice. Masks need to remain on any time children are not on the ice.
  • As participants enter the building an employee will greet them and conduct a temperature check using a non-contact thermometer
  • Signage will be posted on the doors/in the lobby (as well as on the TV) designating locker rooms. We will do our best to ensure each team has more than one locker room available
  • We ask that participants come fully dressed and only use locker rooms for storage purposes & handwashing. Time in the locker room after practices/ice sessions will be limited to 10 minutes to minimize contact and ensure adequate cleaning can be done before the next group enters
  • Participants practicing on the NHL side will need to stay on the NHL side for the duration of their time in the rink, utilize the bathrooms in the locker rooms or take the back staircase to utilize the bathrooms on the second floor. Participants will exit out of the side doors on the NHL side.
  • Participants practicing on the Ponds side will need to stay on the ponds side for the duration of their time in the rink and utilize the bathrooms on the ponds side. Participants will exit out of the side doors
  • A coach or Protec Staff member will be waiting at the side exits to supervise and ensure participants are reunited with their parents/ride home. Additional staff will be around the building making sure things run smoothly and children are on the ice/moving toward the side exits to meet their parents at appropriate times

Come as Prepared as Possible

  • We ask that participants come as fully dressed as possible (pads on, jerseys on, and skates on).
  • Locker rooms will be used for storage of bags and participants will be encouraged to wash their hands as they get off the ice and move toward the side exits to leave. We have made sure locker rooms with a bathroom have functioning soap dispensers and hand sanitizing stations are set up around the building as well as on the walls between locker rooms on both sides of the rink.
  • We ask that masks be worn while you are in the building and that only one parent is present per child. We encourage you to wait in the car and to avoid congregating in groups.
  • Make sure children come prepared with full water bottles- vending machines will not be in use and there will be absolutely no sharing of water bottles allowed once on the ice.

Payments and Registration Info

  • We will be shifting toward taking the majority of payments online through our website
  • Participants will need to be registered for all programs ahead of time.
  • Hockey:
    • Temperatures will be taken in the lobby as participants enter
    • Participants will need to come fully dressed for sessions with skates on
    • Private lesson ice time will need to be paid for online (no later than 1 hour) ahead of time. Coaches will need to submit an attendance sheet with who will be coming to lessons at what time.
    • Clinics will need to be paid for online (no later than 2 hours) ahead of time. An attendance sheet will be printed and participants broken up into different locker rooms. Coaches will need to check off participants on the attendance sheet as they get on the ice.
    • The ice schedule will be designed to limit interaction between groups coming in and out for practices and ice sessions
  • Figure Skating:
    • Temperatures will be taken in the lobby as participants enter
    • Participants will need to come fully dressed for sessions with skates on
    • Individual Freestyle sessions by day and time will be available for purchase online. Participants will be charged $20 for the hour or $30 for an hour and a half.
    • At this time sessions will be limited to 20 skaters. Skaters will need to register and pay for sessions in advance using the payment option on our website.
    • Skaters accompanied by a coach need to pay in advance- the coach will be filling out an attendance form for the week after confirming their lessons. Skaters unaccompanied by a coach need to send in an attendance form (available on our website) with the days and times they’ll be skating for approval and pay in advance using the payment function on the website once they receive confirmation.
    • Your name must be on an attendance sheet and payment confirmed to get on the ice. The skating director or an instructor will meet participants at the entrance of the ice to check skaters in and make sure they are there for the appropriate time/session
    • Learn to Skate sessions will be limited to Basic 3 level and above at this time. Sessions will need to be purchased online. Anyone who was registered for a session of LTS that was cut short or canceled due to COVID may roll the registration into a later session or request a refund if they are below the Basic 3 level.
    • Bridge and Off Ice Classes will be held and classes will be limited to 7 skaters. Payments will be taken online; off ice walk-on sessions will still be available but payment for the class needs to be made no later than 24 hours before the class begins. Payments for Bridge classes that were cancelled or cut short due to COVID can be rolled into the new session.

**All policies are subject to change as we receive guidelines from the state.**