What is included in the Learn to Skate Program?

Classes meet for 30 minutes of group instruction each week.  You also receive 8 public skating sessions to be used between the start and end dates of the program you are registered for.  Classes run in 6-8 week sessions.  Skate rentals are included during the scheduled class and practice time.


Are there any Make-Ups for missed classes?

Students will be permitted to make up one missed class per session if space and class time is available. Prior approval from skating director is required. Make-ups must be completed within the current session the student is enrolled in. You will not be permitted to make up a class in the next learn to skate session.

To book a make-up, contact our Skating Academy at 732-868-9181 Ext. 101 or e-mail skate@protecponds.com 48 hours before you would like to use your Make Up Class.


What should I bring/wear to my lessons?

Skaters Basic 3 level and below must wear a helmet during class. A ski, bike or hockey helmet is acceptable. Skaters should wear warm clothes that allow for flexibility and freedom of movement and gloves or mittens because their hands will be touching the ice. Figure skates are recommended for all new skaters. It is very important to have properly fitted skates with the right amount of support. Skates should be made of a durable material such as leather and should be tight but not constrictive. They typically run the same size as your shoe or sometimes smaller.


What is a Public Session?

A public skate session is open to the public.  No hockey sticks or pucks are allowed.  Spinning and jumping are not allowed. Many instructors give private lessons during these sessions.  A section in the center of the ice is coned off for the exclusive use of instructors giving lessons.  You can find the most up-to-date Public Skate times on our Event Calendar.