Protec Ponds Training Center

JR Ducks Billet program

Dear Ducks Families,

The Protec Ducks youth hockey club is proud to announce the addition of its very own JR Hockey Franchise. The JR Ducks will begin its first season at the ponds this upcoming fall.

Starting now, the Jr Ducks are beginning the search for billet families. What is a billet family you ask? Billet families are the backbone of Junior Hockey. Every season young men between 17 and 21 years old will come to the Ducks from all over the USA, Canada, and Europe to continue their dream of playing hockey at the the college level. This is where our billet families come in. Billet families provide a caring, supportive, family environment to be the home away from home for each of our players. Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for those willing to open up their homes.

The player pays you $500 a month for food, room and board. These players have all been vetted and are special young men. You can host more than one billet player at a time if you have the space, they can share a room with one another if needed. You are not responsible for driving them to or from the rink. They are busy and are all young men who are looking to move onto to play college and professional hockey.

In addition to payment, The Ducks will be offering discounts for clinics, and the pro-shop for all billet families.


If interested in hosting a player for the 2020-2021 season:

Please contact me, Michelle Larsen @

Michelle Larsen

Billet Director JR Ducks