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ETS is located on the 2nd floor overlooking the ponds ice rinks @ Protec

David Martin

ETS Director & Head Trainer-
David enters ETS Performance with 16 years experience coaching, mentoring and training athletes of all sports, ages, levels and abilities.
In High School, David excelled in basketball but also ran track and played football.  His success in basketball earned him a college scholarship to play basketball at NCAA Division 2, The College of Saint Rose (Albany, NY).
By the end of David’s playing career, he had learned from hundreds of coaches attending camps and showcases all over the country.  He played for 2 Hall of Fame coaches and had learned to transform his body and performance from 3 highly touted and experienced personal trainers.  After developing incredible relationships with his mentors, David began to realize his desire to give back, pass on and teach what he was able to learn & achieve from the extra support and knowledge from his coaches & trainers.  His passions and aspirations led him to the coaching world.
David began his coaching career at NJCAA Hudson Valley Community College (Troy, NY) as the Assistant Basketball Coach & Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Men’s Program.  After 3 years at HVCC, David accepted a teaching position at local Troy High School, (Troy, NY).  He was the Basketball Program’s Strength Coach and coached the Freshman team year one, the JV team year two, and served as Varsity Assistant Coach.  Truly learning the value of time management, David also managed to continue to coach at HVCC with scouting and recruiting during those two years.
After 5 years living in Troy, David then went on to NCAA Division 2, St. Edward’s University (Austin, Texas) where he was hired as the Assistant Basketball Coach and became the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Men’s team.  This is where he realized and shifted his passions from coaching to win games, to instead, spend even more of his time with players in the weight room.  Adding more personal development and mentorship to help his athletes, he began to realize his true talents for connecting with athletes helping them become better prepared, stronger, and more confident both mentally and physically.
 In 2012, David moved back to his hometown in Upstate, NY and opened up his own athletic training facility.  Fulfilling his dreams of helping more athletes on a larger level.  He expanded his facility 5 times over 8 years, trained over 100 athletes, helped produced numerous academic all stars, MVP’s, all-conference performers, state championships and collegiate level athletes.  Over the years he solidified his talents, aspirations and abilities to help athletes not only become better at their craft, but to help them become even better people thru mentoring, friendship and showing them what is obtainable thru hard work, proper nutrition and not only training the right way but also with the right systems.  David takes enormous pride in being able to relate, teach and reach every type of athlete.
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