Ducks Affiliation With NAHL Minnesota Magicians

ProtecHockey Ponds Announces Affiliation with the NAHL Minnesota Magicians

Somerset, New Jersey – June 13, 2018 – ProtecHockey Ponds LLC, a state-of-the-art ice arena with a tier-2 youth travel hockey program in central New Jersey, announced that they will be collaborating with the NAHL’s Minnesota Magicians.  In their joint effort, the two organizations offer departing midget level Protec Ducks’ players the opportunity to continue their hockey careers into the junior level.

Protec Ponds Ice Center, established in 2007 as an independently owned LLC organization, provides opportunities for hockey players, figure skaters, and the general public to practice and improve on the ice, all year round. Their travel hockey teams, the Protec Ducks, have shown great growth and success over the past few seasons.  While starting as an independent organization in 2008, the Ducks eventually joined the NJYHL (New Jersey Youth Hockey League) in 2010-11 as a full-time member with a total of 10 teams.  Today, the Protec Ducks consist of 18 teams and in addition to the NJYHL, also participate in the EJEPL, the Eastern Junior Elite Prospect League.

As of spring 2018, the Protec Ducks are now part of an affiliation with the Minnesota Magicians of the NAHL (North American Hockey League).  As a Junior A tier-2 team, the Minnesota Magicians’ mission is to develop young athletes into professional collegiate hockey players.  According to the league website, the NAHL, operating for over 42 years, “offers junior hockey players the opportunity to develop, learn, train, grow and succeed, while playing for free. The NAHL is unique in the fact that a vast majority of players begin their NAHL careers without an NCAA opportunity, but earn one through the course of their development in the league”.

“It’s an honor to be affiliated with a strong junior program like the Minnesota Magicians.  It’s a great opportunity to provide the Magicians a look at quality Mid-Atlantic District prospects. This relationship is a testament to the direction, strength, and growth of our Protec Ducks hockey program.” –Patrick Alvin, Protec Youth Hockey Director

AJ Bucchino, the Minnesota Magicians Co-Owner, GM and Head Coach, adds, “We are very excited to announce the affiliation between the Ducks and the Minnesota Magicians in the NAHL.  We have a great relationship with the management of the Ducks program and we are excited to offer their players an opportunity to learn about the Magicians organization and how we can help the serious athlete reach their goals.  Our goal is to provide a bridge for these athletes to gain exposure and new opportunities to leverage their career at the junior level. ”

This affiliation between the Protec Ducks and Minnesota Magicians will provide a great opportunity for midget hockey players to develop into quality junior hockey athletes. It will also allow the Protec Hockey program to stand out and prosper over the next decade of operation.

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