Protec Ponds Training Center

Figure Skating Pole Instructor, Andrew Reiss

Figure Skating Pole Harness Instructor

My name is Andrew John Reiss, I go by Aj. I am a skating enthusiast with a specialty in Pole Harness work. I always hope to be an aid in the assistance of achieving a new skill and enjoying the process.
It has been my honor to have learned from some of our sports most elite coaches:  Dalilah Sappenfield, Christy Krall, Eddie Shipstad, Carrie Wall, Peter Oppegard, and Karen Kwan. I have so appreciated gaining knowledge form their instruction. It has allowed me to understand the vast possibilities in regards to communication and training styles.
A little about my skating career:  I formerly was a Senior Pairs Team USA member, World Junior Team Member/International Competitor, and up until recently, an artist-performer for Cirque du Soleil on the show AXEL with my wife Erika Choi Smith.
I also enjoy switching my style up and skating in hockey skates. If your rascal needs a buddy to skate and chase them around the rink for some conditioning, I’m your guy.
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