So, you decided to become a hockey player. Whether it’s your first time on the ice or you are looking to
get back in the game, ProtecHockey Ponds is the place to be. Here’s how to do it!

Step 1.   Do you know how to skate?

A. If no, begin in our Learn To Skate Program. You will learn all the necessary moves and
techniques needed to go onto the next step. The Protec Skating Academy is a
nationally-recognized,  award-winning learn to skate program and has levels for all
ages. In order to move onto Step 2 you must complete; (for youth) Hockey levels 1-4
or (for adults) Adult levels 1-4. Once completed, get all your gear and move onto Step 2!

B. If yes, time to move onto Step 2.

Step 2.    Do you know the game of hockey? Have you ever completed a learn to play hockey program?

A. If no, (for youth) enroll in the Protec Hockey Academy or (for adults) enroll in Protec’s
Adult Skills Clinics. These programs will prepare you to enter a recreational hockey league. All
equipment is required; ProtecHockey does not supply any equipment.

Helpful Hint: In order to progress quickly through these levels of learn to play, we
recommend getting as much ice time as possible. As they always say, practice
makes perfect! That is why ProtecHockey Ponds provides supplemental
hockey options such as summer campsweekly & school holiday clinics.

B. If yes, time to move onto Step 3.
Step 3.   Time to suit up and join a league!

ProtecHockey Ponds offer two in-house hockey leagues and one youth travel league.

For Adults- Join in on the action with the Protec Adult Hockey League (PTAHL). This
competitively priced adult hockey league offers its participants all of the luxuries of
a recreational hockey league. Including full stats and standings updated regularly while
playing on our NHL-Quality ice. In addition to the PTAHL, we offer Adult Open Hockey sessions

on Wednesday mornings 6-8 AM.

            For Youth- This is when you decide if you want to play an in-house or a travel league.

In-House Hockey: The 3v3 Hockey League was created to bridge
the gap between our 5 Star Hockey Program and travel hockey.  Its a fun, fast paced league that
offers small ice, 3v3 play.  On the smaller surface, players and goalies alike will get more touches of
the puck, and will be forced to make quicker decisions, with a sharper skill set.

Travel Hockey: Once you’re ready, ProtecHockey offers a travel hockey program.
The ProtecHockey Ducks Travel Program started in September 2008 as an
independent organization. The goal being to develop youth hockey players.
Starting the 2010-11 season, Ducks became Full-Time members of the New Jersey
Youth Hockey League (NJYHL). Our organization’s coaches
have extensive backgrounds in the sport of ice hockey and most notably, our
coaches have played in the College or Professional ranks.

                  In the game of hockey it is important to remember to
play safe, follow all the rules and most important, have fun!