Protec Ponds Training Center

The Edge2Edge Skating Academy

The Edge2Edge Skating Academy

The Edge2Edge skating academy is here to push the limits of the skater to go above and beyond the norm!

This program is to maximize the skater’s skills beyond the next level. With the right hydration, cardio, stretching and breathing techniques this program will improve your overall game performance! 

40 Minutes of high intense skating to improve both right and left sides.  And 30 minutes dry land exercise.

Tuesdays 810 -850pm and Thursdays 840 -920 pm 20 skaters Max per class. Dry land Tues ( 730PM ) Thurs ( 8PM )

Items needed helmet, skates, and warm up suit.

Instructor Chris Morales

Bio :  Apple Core JR B and SUNY Oswego D3  

       Classes start Jan 7, 2020 Preview clinic Dec 26 5:40PM $25

Classes are filling up so signup to hold your spot!

$35 Walk in, $180 for 6 weeks and 275 for 10 weeks  

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